Strip 54: The Door

Ooookay, so there's a LOT to unpack here. First of all, our dismembered captive here is clearly related to the girl seen in Strip 1, as she was called “Ms. Mandal” and this poor soul is simply called “Mandal” by his captors. It stands to reason that he is also a Cyktan trying to return home, but he seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd.

The crowd doesn't get much worse than Captain Silus Redge, whose concept art will be appearing soon on the Steel Salvation Facebook page. He is just one of many new characters that will be introduced in Part 3, provided I get the funding for it.

What's that? Singular instead of plural? What's this about funding? Well, in the immortal words of Bad News Barrett, I'm afraid I’ve got some bad news. Steel Salvation has gradually become my baby over the duration of Part 2, and since we now have a professional artist and Alex’s creative input has diminished since the start of the comic, the other two members of the Black Hole Collective are pulling out of this venture. That means I will have to pay for the services of our amazing artist alone, and that's a tall order considering the fact that I’m getting married in less than 3 months (pro tip: weddings are expensive, yo). Anyway, I have no intention of giving up on the comic, and neither does Kenan Halilovic.

I intend to keep publishing Part 3 with Kenan on a monthly basis. However, if I can at least hit $50 per month on the Steel Salvation Patreon I can bump it up to two strips per month. Sadly, I can't afford any more than that, but hopefully with your support, we can keep Steel Salvation going at a steady pace. If not, I promise to stick with this story until I am physically unable to keep putting out new strips, even if new strips trickle out at one per month. Dy-Gar's story is just getting started, and I will not let his story die here. You can count on that.

- J.S. Conner

March 23rd 2018