Strip 12: The Invisible Cage

I debated with myself for quite awhile whether or not to include this whole scene, but I think it's important to show just what happens when Dy-Gar tries to exceed his range limiters. Before, it was just an abstract concept, but it helps to have a concrete sense of this particular obstacle. It's been a big part of Dy-Gar's life, and it's the reason why he's gone so stir-crazy. If we can impart at least a bit of that stir-craziness onto our audience, or at least allow them to sympathize with our lonely killer robot, then this strip has done its job. And if you feel like we're just wasting your time, be glad I trimmed the scene down to three strips instead of the four that it was in the first draft of Part 1!

- J.S. Conner

June 21st 2013