Strip 26: Astray

Iíve been worried about the length of this last scene (because I love worrying so much, I try to find new excuses to be worried whenever I run out of old ones), but now that itís finished, I think it moves pretty quickly. When each page takes a week to come out, it makes the story seem slower than it actually is, so I apologize to anyone who waited five weeks for Dy-Gar and the Goddess to have their little dialogue. If youíre from the future and youíre reading this, youíre probably wondering why I was worried in the first place, because it takes less than five minutes to read the whole thing now that itís all online. If youíre far enough into the future, this story could be taking place in real time, right now, as youíre reading this. So what are you waiting for? Fly out to Cykta (they say the Federation blew it up, but we both know thatís not true) and watch the drama unfold for yourself.

- J.S. Conner

September 27th 2013