Strip 30: Guiding Light

This was a surprisingly difficult strip to put out considering itís almost completely devoid of backgrounds and Goddesses. In my script and Evanís penciled lines, Dy-Garís screen is lighting up the darkness with a weak glow, like a cell phone or an old TV. However, this was much easier to put into words and graphite than it was to put into digital shading, and Alex tried twice to get the desired effect, without much success. Itís something we hope to be able to do some day, and weíll be working on expanding our bag of tricks this holiday season, but considering the fact that our buffer is gone (and has been for weeks now), we donít have the time to implement new techniques at the moment.

Alex was able to really nail that contrast between the dark tunnel and the lights flickering on in the last panel, so even if we canít try any crazy new lighting tricks, the old ones are still serving us well.

- J.S. Conner

October 25th 2013