Strip 37: Dy-Gar and Roger

And now we officially have a name for our new tiny robot. Two names, really. Besides the fact that I wanted him to be a disembodied arm (which, for some reason, was the first thing I wanted out of Dy-Garís companion), I wanted Roger to have a really mundane human name to fit his humble, pro-organic attitude. I imagined it in a title for a cheesy buddy comic: ďThe Adventures of Dy-Gar and Roger.Ē It had to clash with Dy-Garís grand, sci-fi supervillian name, like how pretty much everything else about Roger clashes with him. They canít even agree on what Roger should be called. And yes, in case you were wondering, Dy-Garís name for Roger pretty much wrote itself.

Now that the introductions are taken care of, weíll be updating our Facebook Page with concept art for Roger over the next couple of weeks. Head on over and give us a like so you can see the evolution of the character for yourself!

- J.S. Conner

December 20th 2013