Strip 44: The Upper Hand

I would apologize for the pun in todayís strip title...but Iím really not sorry. When I was thinking of non-lethal tricks Roger might have built into him, a grapple beam seemed like the most logical choice. Not only can he use it to snatch pointy sticks from angry Dy-Gars, but he can use it to get around vertically when heís not attached to someoneís elbow. As for why itís a beam and not a physical grappling hook, I think that playing Super Metroid at an early age instilled an appreciation for grapple beams in me thatís still alive today. I also like that you canít quite tell at first what heís charging up. It could be a death ray, or it could be a flashlight. You donít know. Well, now you know, but you get the idea.

Also, the last panel here is our first demonstration of Dy-Garís digital converter at work. If you were wondering where all of his stuff goes when he sticks it back in his cloak, it doesnít just magically disappear. The little orb in his chest can convert matter into data and back again. Weíll go into greater detail in the About page and in the comic itself, but for now thereís your answer to that particular mystery.

- J.S. Conner

February 14th 2014