Strip 6: Breaking Point

If youíve seen one of our ads kicking around the internet lately, youíll recognize the last panel of this strip. described it as the most detailed line art heís ever done, and we couldnít confine an effort like that to just one page. This is also our first use of an abstract background (aside from some speed lines in Part 1) to convey emotion, and itís something Iíve wanted to incorporate for a long time.

Lastly, if you havenít checked out our new About page yet, weíve added a section for affiliates, AKA cool comics around the web that we want to promote. Take a look at the action-packed post-apocalyptic Demon Archives and the beautiful frozen adventure West. If youíre a webcomic creator and youíre interested in some cross-promotion, get in touch with us at and weíll get back to you right away!

- J.S. Conner

February 5th 2015