Strip 8: Going Up

This is a question that a lot of you may be asking, which is why I felt it necessary to take the time to address it now. To be honest, if Part 1 had been paced better, this might have already come up, but since we didnít get to Roger until more than 30 strips in, we didnít have an outsiderís perspective to question the things that Dy-Gar may (or may not) take for granted. Pacing is something Iím definitely trying to work on, but having come from a prose background, itís kind of shocking how different things are when you can only fit a couple lines of dialogue on each page. What could have been one or two relatively short chapters in a book ended up being almost 50 comic pages that took over a year to publish. While Iím trying to learn from the mistakes of Part 1, I still donít have a good solution to the pacing problem, so things may be a little rocky.

On the bright side, I really like those indicators above the elevator doors in panel 2. The up or down arrow lights up depending on the direction itís going, but when the elevator is off, the arrows make an ďXĒ like the ones above the elevator on the left. That touch was all, and I wanted to give credit where itís due.

- J.S. Conner

February 19th 2015