Strip 10: March on Mother Earth

Hey folks, I figure now is a good time to mention Patreon again. All this amazing artwork by the immensely talented does come at a cost, and we would all really appreciate it if our fans can help us shoulder that load. Of course, you donít have to donate to read the comic in full, but there is a pretty hefty amount of extra content on our Patreon, not to mention the satisfaction of supporting a group of independent artists whose work you happen to enjoy.

As for this strip, I wanted to explore the effects that Dy-Garís long, lonely existence has had on his psyche, and how his role as ďthe ReckonerĒ is as much a coping mechanism for his own immortality as it is a makeshift identity. Weíll get into it more in the next strip, but the concept of immortality has always terrified me far more than the looming threat of death. After all, Iím a procrastinator at heart, and if my life didnít have a deadline, I donít think I would ever get anything done.

- J.S. Conner

March 5th 2015