Strip 31: The Positron Archer

I love the Star Wars dynamic here, where Roger is Luke Skywalker swinging across a chasm in the Death Star and Dy-Gar is Princess Leia hanging onto him. I also love the irony that Dy-Gar craves action and talks a big game while humble, unassuming Roger takes action without any sort of fanfare. Makes you wonder how many times he bailed his human body out of trouble back in the old days.

Also, it may seem strange that an emotionless machine like Arjuna would be roaring in anger at Dy-Gar and Roger, but perhaps he’s not roaring after all. Perhaps you’ll find out what he’s hiding inside his “mouth” within the next ten strips. But you didn’t hear that from me.

- J.S. Conner

September 17th 2015