Strip 50: Spider Hand

While the script for Part II has been mostly untouched for over two years now (jesus), Rogerís new, uh...upgrade in this strip was born from a miscommunication back when we did Strip 39. In the script, Arjuna was supposed to rip Rogerís track ball out, and Dy-Gar was supposed to find it and reattach it later, but when Kenan sent me the rough draft of the strip, he drew Arjuna shattering Rogerís entire forearm with one punch. I almost told him to change it, but I really liked the intensity of that particular panel, and I realized that this could be a perfect opportunity to change up Rogerís design. We worked through several concepts (which Iíll be posting on the Facebook page later), and finally arrived at Spider-Hand Roger. Because Roger would hate it and Dy-Gar would genuinely think it was an improvement.

- J.S. Conner

February 23rd 2018