Strip 20: Rama Tower

When we started this thing, we set a milestone for ourselves at 20 strips. 20 strips is a pretty decent commitment for three college students, and it didn't get any easier once one of us became a college graduate. But we felt that if we could make it to 20 strips without missing an update, then we could handle it for the long haul too. While I can't say that for certain, I can say it feels pretty damn good to be here. And no missed updates! Just a few late ones. But we don't talk about them anymore. Anyway, we're almost halfway through part 1, and I�m really excited for what�s to come, so here's to a long and prosperous future for Steel Salvation.

As for this strip, I really like the way the panel composition came out. I think Evan was excited to get away from cityscapes for awhile, so he went all out on the background details. We haven't always been great about filling out each panel with interesting details, but we'll try to make this more of the norm than the exception from now on.

- J.S. Conner

August 16th 2013