Strip 21: A Pure Machine

This following section is another one that I agonized over in revision, worried that there wouldn't be enough interesting things going on visually while I get out the conversation that needed to take place. At one point, I considered chopping the whole conversation and rushing through this bit just to progress the story. Patience won out, and I decided to keep this scene as-is, and once I got Evan's drawings for strip 21, I was glad I did. He really packed the strip with interesting details, and he did a fantastic job with the tricky perspectives at play here. I knew the dialogue in this scene was necessary, both for Dy-Gar's character development and as a foundation for the plot to jump off of, but I wasn't sure if readers would want to watch him and the Goddess float up a stairwell for several whole pages. However, now that I've seen just the pencils for the next few strips, I'm confident they'll be just as visually interesting as anything we've done so far, if not more so.

- J.S. Conner

August 23rd 2013