Strip 22: Treya

I like the way the dynamic worked out between Dy-Gar and the Goddess in this scene. Both of them can hover, but Dy-Gar struggles with even a slight gap in the stairs, while the Goddess floats effortlessly up the stairwell. It's a nice contrast that highlights both the different planes of existence that they occupy as well as the wear and tear Dy-Gar has suffered over his many years spent in the wasteland. On top of that, it reflects their mental states, with Dy-Gar weighed down by anger, self-doubt, and all that good stuff while the Goddess is at peace with Herself (whatever She may be) and floats freely as a result.

I can talk about all this without sounding too pretentious because none of this was planned, and I hadn't even made this connection until the penciled strip came in. One of those happy accidents that seem to come about so often in the creative process. I really just wanted Dy-Gar and the Goddess to go up some stairs, and I wanted Dy-Gar to be doing something other than looking through doorways. Slapping on a literary analysis after the fact is still pretentious, I'll own up to that. I just won't pretend that this was all part of some master plan and fill the commentary with maniacal laughter. Okay, maybe a little bit. Mwahaha. Ha.

- J.S. Conner

August 30th 2013