Strip 33: And Then There Were Two

My apologies to any zombie fans who were hoping for a cyber-zombie in Steel Salvation. However, if youíre like me and youíre getting absolutely sick of zombies, then youíre in luck. No zombies here. Although considering how Evan feels about hands (have you noticed yet that all of our characters so far wear robes or cloaks?), he would probably prefer a zombie to a character thatís just a hand. I donít know what compelled me to come up with a character that would be an artistís worst nightmare, but I made it up to Evan by buying him a wooden mannequin hand that he can use as a model. Weíll see if he can maintain his sanity for the next 16 pages (yes, there are only 16 more pages in part 1!).

- J.S. Conner

November 15th 2013