Strip 34: A Brief Introduction

If that second-to-last panel seems familiar, that’s because we were consciously going for a dramatic recreation of strip 1 there. Strip 1 was basically a standalone character introduction, not necessarily occurring on the day of Dy-Gar’s 1,000 year anniversary, and I wanted to imply that it was just a routine that Dy-Gar regularly went through. He would often make these grand speeches in the ruins, hoping that one day someone would respond. Now that he finally has an audience, his routine is well-rehearsed and he’s excited to show off. But the hand’s not buying it.

Oh, and if the idea of a sentient prosthetic arm seems kind of disturbing, it should. We’re gonna be exploring that later on. For now, just wonder to yourselves if that hand had the power to shut himself off whenever his body had to go to the bathroom.

- J.S. Conner

November 29th 2013