Strip 2: Dead Matter

Aaaand we’re back to our regularly scheduled monologuing. This was the original strip 1 before the inclusion of last week’s strip, and as long as we’re talking originals, the setting used to be quite different as well. Before the complete Part 2 overhaul that began after our “meh” review by the Webcomic Police, this strip was going to take place in a random bombed-out building where Dy-Gar and Roger are recharging for the night on their way to the spaceport. They didn’t even get to the spaceport until after strip 20, and even though there are a lot of things that happen in between that are now being shuffled around, I still felt that we could gain some forward momentum by skipping the journey and going straight to the destination.

That background, by the way, is entirely the work of, as the world outside the window was just a blank space in the pencils. Thanks to his skills, we also managed to pull off the transition in this strip, which is something that I’ve had in mind since the first draft of the script over a year ago. Speaking of that transition, reflections are a recurring motif in this chapter, so you’ll be seeing more of that in the strips to come.

- J.S. Conner

January 8th 2015