Strip 3: A Human Weakness

Here’s a little bit of background info that I haven’t been able to fit into the comic between all the other plot points and important character developments. The reason why the corpses in the spaceport are mummified and not skeletal like the ones we’ve previously seen is because the robot revolution filled the atmosphere with omnivorous nanomachines that destroyed Cykta’s biosphere and picked apart the corpses outside. However, the spaceport was a vital asset to both the Cyktan Self-Defense Force and the revolutionary robots (you’ll soon find out why), so it’s still structurally intact, and the nanomachines only leaked into the building in small quantities. This allows us to explore more of the grisly details of the war while maintaining the bleak atmosphere we established in Part 1. This detail will remain consistent throughout Part 2, so you’ll likely see some skeletal remains in parts of the spaceport that have been exposed to the atmosphere outside.

- J.S. Conner

January 15th 2015