Strip 14: Reflections

I think this is my favorite monologue of Dy-Garís so far, because we get to see how the revelation that heís just a mass-produced household robot and not a mechanical star-god of destruction has affected him since the end of Part 1. Thereís been a subtle shift in his attitude, and itís not just because we wanted to steer Dy-Gar away from the parody villain elements that his character once contained. His confidence has eroded after Roger revealed his make and model, and although heís been able to push that thought out of his head until now, he couldnít quite convince himself anymore that the very fabric of the universe quakes at his might. Thatís why heís been more subdued in Part 2, even in moments of violence like Strip 6. Confronted with a talking ad for, essentially, himself, he canít cover up what he really is with just a tattered old cloak and a lot of willful ignorance.

- J.S. Conner

April 2nd 2015